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Goals For The New Year

      Today is the first Monday in 2020. I believe that many partners are setting the goal for 2020. Of course, our company is not included. The first week of the meeting has sent out questions such as "what do you wat?" "how do you do?" and the first week after the new year's day every year, the answer is nothing but cars, or performance, or family, or love. But how do we achieve it Today, Xiaobian will come to talk with you.

1. Smart principle of goal setting

I.e. specific: clear, detailed and imaginable

Measurable: to predict the degree of achievement by means of the Secretariat, etc

Achievable: not unrealistic, possible

Realistic: realistic

Time bound: set a specific time limit and when to achieve the goal

2. How does the goal become action?

Set action goals-clarify the status quo-identify gaps-set specific actions-divide actions into small steps-inform others of actions-put into action.

     Of course, it ’s easier said than done. In fact, the status quo is the same. I think it ’s easy to set a goal, but I have n’t thought about how it will be implemented. It is not always easy to implement a method. There is a phrase that often hangs on your mouth and says that a good method can make things easier, so a good method is also very important.

      Then it is persistence. There is a saying that failure is the mother of success. If you fail to retreat once, then you can never succeed. For us now, persistence is a rare advantage, such as fitness and yoga. Only by accumulating for a long time can you gain more, you can harvest your own body, and you can welcome the envy of others, so persistence is also very important.

      Finally, I would like to wish everyone a lot of money in 2020, the new year will definitely be better!


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